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Poor cat doesn't understand how escalators work 😼

“WTF? W... Wh... Wha... What is that sorcery?”😼 “Funny escalator WORKOUT.” 👍 “When you try to break the rules but...” 😄 “C'mon dude don't give up, sooner or later you'll...” never GIVE up

Funny cat spinning around with twig stuck on his tail

“He kinda looks like it with the fresh hair cut 😁 He's our young blue tabby Persian.” [Video: Eliassen @YouTube]

Funny playful cat thinks he’s still a crazy kitten

“Holy crap, where is the hooman footz?!” “That’s exactly what he does and how I end up with scratches on my feet.” “That’s the best and cheapest game to play with cats!” “Bae when she sees a spider 🕷 in our bed, haha!” [Video @sisyphusoftheforest]

Funny cat • The great escape: “I'm freeeeee, f*ck your leash!“

“Look at that happy cat and that happy... tail!” “Run Forrest cat, run!” 😁 [Video @burmaadventurecat]

Funny kitten playing hide and seek in a stainless steel casserole pot

Innocent and cute kitty. “If I fit in it,I sleep in it, whatever... ” 😸