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3 wiggly kittens bobbing their heads in sync 💚 💛 💜

“Awww…I love their lil collars. White cuties, they look so innocent.” “Snuzzy kitties, so cute and funny.” [Video: Nettie_Newton]

Funny penguin cat on fridge, spying on neighbor's cat 👀

“And at first glance I thought she was a Meerkat.” 😂 “Munchkin Minnie, you're hilarious and so cute.” “But how did she get up there?” “Meercat senses danger in the backyard.” “So cute kitty. She could probably teach a camouflage lesson about how to blend in in South ❄ Pole.” “Trying to figure out is this the light at the end of the 'TUNNEL' that I heard so much about. 😜 If so, they have to know I have 8 more lives.” 🐱 “Good idea, this is how I must spy on my *hot* 👩 neighbor when Bae is not at home, hahaha!” 😂 “Yep, at first glance I thought she was a Penguin.” [Video @munchkin_minnie]

OMG, suddenly...It's snowing a big cat!

“HAAALP! WTF? Get me outta there!” “Hmmm... I'm cold, I'm going back under my warm blankie” 😼 “Cat falling in a ocean of...cocaine.” “Do you means co cat ine?” 😋 [Video @grancrews]

Cat scared by a big fish 🐟 suddenly coming out of a hole in a frozen lake!

“That's called catfishing.” “WTF? The fish is possessed!” “So your human has pulling out my friends, come and face me now!”" 😂 “Don’t let that fish get you.” 🙀 “Suicidal fish!” “Calm down dude, don't be so angry, I'm vegan.”

⭕ Rolling sleepy white cat ⭕

Purrfect catnip catNAP ball  👍 “The turning FURRball.” 👏 “OK hooman it's funny, wake me up when it's over...” 😸 Faster! Faster! Faster Weeeeeeeeee! “The cat with 4 heads!” 👀 “cat.exe gone wild!” 😂