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How to hypnotize your cat, just with hand moves ✋, hahaha! 😂

“hahaha? OK, we’ll see who gets the last laugh!” 😼 “Like my patience when you test me.” “cat.exe stopped working, must restart your cat.” “FAIL! My cat just moved backwards when I tried this with her.” [Video @ark_lyolik]

Funny Bengal cat running in snow like crazy! Full speed ahead... 💨

“Wow! That's so pawsome, he looks so happy” “Bengal cats are mad, haha!” [Video @katerbengal]

Check out an amazing new cat breed: the ‘GREMLIN kitty’ 👀

“OMG, so beautiful, cute and...weird kitty.” “It looks like a Pokemon.” 😁 “Oh my heart just melted! This kitty is so beautiful.” “Baby Gremlin! And you thought they weren't real!” “What an angel with blue eyes.” 😍 “Sweet little Alien.” 💀 “So sweet love the ears and the patches at it’s eyes are so UNIQUE!” [Video: CatLoversClub]

“My agile cat is a good snow catcher!” 👍

“This little snow Leopard must catch all the snow!” “You should make it your bodyguard.” “Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha! Gotcha!...” “Cat: Hey, don't waste my coCATine!” “Your cat has an addiction to the white stuff. Press 1 for flying-cocaine-cat.” [Video: Marcztr @YouTube]

'Maru' has an electric tail and when he touches the floor... 💥

MAGiiiC, it's like a fireworks!