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Funny cat 😺 Using stairs like humans is complicated for cats so…

…that clever and agile kitty found an easier way to go up to the first floor, hehe. 👍 “Acrobat cat climbing up like a monkey.” “Follow me if you can, hehe.” “Breaking the rules!”😊

Weird cat. Trotting kitty suddenly startled 💥 by an invisibe enemy!

Sometimes cat reflexes => CATapult! 😂 “Don't mess with Ninja Cat!” “Sneak attack? You'll never see it coming! BOOM!” “Taking off like a rocket!” 👀

Cat Fail. Curious kitten gets head stuck in popcorn bag 😂

“‘Larry’ the kitten manages to get his head stuck inside this plastic bag after trying to reach some popcorn. Check out the chaos that ensues!” “Okay, I have made a huge mistake and now I hate Popcorn for ever!” [Video: terrilynnco]

Funny Scottish fold cat trying to catch some snowflakes ❆ ❆ ❆

“My cat really loves snow but he looks confused.” “But what is that white and strange thing falling from sky?” [Video @yayoi89]

Terrified cat is terrified! 🙀 (2 GIFs)

Haha, it's looks like a cat cartoon! “Hissing cat is hissing!” “His tail hair bristling out like he was on the war path against an another cat!”