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Disaster! Clumsy cat destroys Jigsaw puzzle. RIP + 😖

“So gracefully agile (Cats are puzzle killers).” “Yes, cats and jigsaw puzzles are mortal enemies.” “My heart broke a little seeing all that hard work gone. And that’s why you invest in a decent puzzle case or mat. Prevents cases like this from happening.” “What a CATastrophic failure, hahaha!” “I don’t even bother with puzzles because I have five of these furry little…monsters” [Video: decentdescriptivebear]

Let’s go! Brushing time for a cute Bristish shorthair kitty 💕

“OMG, British shorthair Kittens are simply the best cutest!” “Why so cute?" “Aww…look this adorable tiny floof being groomed!” “OMG, why are you so cute sweet baby, I’m dyiiiiing!” 💖 [Video @family_colin]

Desperate cat slipping on ice, trying to catch... 🐟

 ...a frozen fish under ice 😂 Poor kitty... “This is why you must put your chains on when it snows or there is ice, haha.” [Video: johanaweisman] 

Funny cat with closed eyes shacking vigorously his head and...

Image ends in a colorful 'glitched' kitty! 100% 'Datamoshing' version.

Fresh tracks! Mountain Lion Steamboat Springs CO

“It's so balanced and poised.” [Video @floydthelion]