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Cat instincts are so adorable. Look how much she 💕 loves her kitty

“Aww mama cat was so worried about the two cats outside! How fast she moved to save her baby!” “Such a protective mom.” Cat mom: “You’re not ready for the world out there yet baby.” “That Mom is like get you ass down here right now!” “This is so damn funny & cute.” “Mom’s like “WTF? GET DOWN RIGHT MEOW!” “When your Mom doesn’t want you to leave.” “Get down from there before you hurt yourself!”

Playful cat & bunny 🐰 Funny Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap + Hide and seek 😺

“Boop! Boop! Play with me, my little bunny.”  “Aww this is so cute and pawesome.” “Please, leave me alone kitty, not now, I need some rest.” “Holy crap! This is one of of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

3 funny kitties playing hard with Mom's tail 😸

“Of course, best and cheapest cat toy for playful kitties.” 👌

“Hooman, come to the Dark side, we have cookies 🍪 (and catnip)”

“Purrfect call of Satan.” “Yup, definitely summoning a demon!” “Scary black cat, what the hell is happening?” “This is why I’m afraid of black cats, little monsters, haha.” “Cutest black Devil ever.” “Funny bassement cat.” [Video: maggymills]

Curious cat startled by a sneaky red box cover! 😂

“I’m not sure what just happened but I’m getting the hell outta here!” “Boing! Boing! Double back jump!”   “He’s bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!” “Kitty is training for the high jump for the next Olympics.” [Video: SlimJones123@gfycat]