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Meanwhile... 2 Maine Coon cats are playing hard in snow

“They really love winter games.” “They are so gorgeous sisters: 'Tiara4 & 'Luna' look like lynxs!” 😸 😻 “Those huge floofy tails.” “These two big cats playing in snow almost has that NFL feel by the way one of them tackles the other!” [Video @mainecoonque]

Cute black & white kitten begging for food

“Please Mom, one more shrimp, I had a bad day.” “Please...Please...Please...Mom feed me I’m so hungry!” “I’m not letting you go until you feed me!” “When you fuck*ng want more tacos.” [Video @kote218]

Cat head massage • “Oooh yeaaah iiit feeels goood!!!”

“That face hahaha!” 😂 “Hard head massage, purrfect massage.” “When a massage is too hard but you enjoy it anyways because it's been a while since somebody touched you.” “Happy kitty, Happy life.” 👍

OMG! Huge and ferocious YAAAAAWNS! 👀

“Don't mess with me human, I'm a wild beast!” 😸 “And look at my teeth.”

“Fresh snow? OK, let me show you Bro, I know how to walk in cocaine.”

“Oops! Big surprise, deep snow... well, I will try it later.” 😸 [Video @daifuku_tora]