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Funny & clever Mama cat watching a cat cartoon on 'her' tablet, while breastfeeding her five kittens 👌

“They’re so funny and adorable, indeed.” “Purrfect Two in one: watching Tom & Jerry movie + feeding five hungry babies.” “Cute BLUE family on BLUE carpet.”

Funny cat pushes itself on his pink sledge & sleds down a slope on its own!

“Snow loving moggy Ninja was so keen to be a part of his sledding fun that he jumped on the pink and white toboggan and slid down a hill.“ Mode ‘Like a Boss’ activated.” “Weeeeeeeeeee, I love snow and winter games!” 😺 [Video: Caters Clips @YouTube]

Awwdorable British shorthair Kitten gang: cute and playful

“10 lovely kitties, it’s too much for me, I’m dyiiiing!” “All you need in your room to be happy.” “So much cuteness, I’m in tears.” 😢 [Video @family_colin]

Crazy cat ‘crawling’ under deep snow like a mole! 🙀

Submarine subsnow cat is amazing! [Video: pjk033 @YouTube]

Impressive blue cat with color ful eyes

Look at me human, I rule your life and the World (soon) 😻