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Greedy cat licks a delicious Popsicle and... gets a brain freeze! 😹

“Brain freeze or tooth freeze (sensitive teeth, nerve overstimulation)” “well, cat.exe has stopped working.” “404 - Freeze detected - Brain not found!” “Abort! Abort! It was a trap!” [Video @Thicc_Manchild] 

Funny adventure of a curious & innocent kitty in a snowy land...

“Oops! Sneaky snow falling on my head, haha!” 😸

“My best friend asked me to bring my kitty to class, so...” 😻

Challenge accepted! 👧 “And kitty took a little nap..." “He found a good pillow.” “Kittens can sleep everywhere and anywhere.“ “What school is that? I need to send my daughter there.” “Funny and cute idea: Monday 👍 I bring my cat to class, haha!”

Jump FAIL! Clumsy cat attempted to jump off roof into tree, but...

“'Quesi' safely falling onto his face in the soft snow, haha.” “Purrfect face plant in the snow.” 😹 [Video: skatered019 @YouTube]

Paranormal CATivity: cat flying in space, up and down 🔃

“CATch if you can: I'm here, and there and here and there...” 😸 “Where are you, ceiling cat?” 👀