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When a confused WHiTE kitten discovers a BLACK pussy cat! 👀

“Mom, are you kidding me, what kind of sorcery is this?” 🙀

Super fast 'Spider kitten' chasing the red dot on wall! 👍

Gravity? One of many laws broken by cats! 😸 “He likes csticking to walls because his name is...'Velcro'.” 😂 “Siamese kitties are fast and...crazy, haha!” “Because fuck*ng CLAWS, that's why.” 🐾🐾 “GAH! That crazy Siamese kitten is amazingly funny.” “When you have a spider Kitty in the house, you don’t need to go to the circus.”

Cute cat gently petting new birdie for first time 🐦

“You're welcome among us, little guy and I'll protect you...” 💕 “Sweet kitty, he knows how fragile is a little bird.“ “Don't be afraid new friend, I'm...VEGAN.” 

2 funny cats playing hard in snow: so exciting game!

“PARTY HARD! 😁 Some cats seems to like winter time and snow! Snow for them means a different and more exciting ways to play outside.” [Video: MrFunnyMals @YouTube] 

Funny kitten: “But what’s that ugly red thing on top of your head?”

Kitty is like: “I must make myself look bigger!” “Police! “Put your hands up!” “Jazz hands.” “Come at me, weird beast!” “Who are you big weird bird? I sense danger, don’t touch me!” “When bae sees you – naked – for the very first time!” 👧