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Kitty wants want to participate in the game but it's impurrsible mission 😿

“The poor kitty in the back who just wants to get in on the action.” “Please help me, I want to play your finger game.” “When your brother is stronger and faster than you...” 😜 “Aww...I need these two floof kitties ASAP please.” 💛 💛 [Video @yuriyuri4mama]

Amazing NEW computer Keyboard! At first... *qwert.y*, then... *azert.y*...

and now... *kitt.y* 😸 “Yep, purring keyboards are the best keyboards for cat ♥ lovers.” “Purrfect idea. I need a warm and purring keyboard for winter.” 👌 [Video @puxicat]

Blue cat hiding from its responsibilities hahaha! 😂

“‘Harry’ hasn’t heard the saying about CURIOSITY and the cat yet.” “Fuck*ng mouse! She’s gone!” 😼 “He sticks his head i n the sand wood and i gn ores his problems!” 😁 “I was waiting to see him disappear down that hole!” 👀 [Video @littlemissandharry]

Adorable Scottish fold kitty trying to catch her new toy 😻

“But I caught it already?!” “Almost cutie, try again.” “Too fast for your adorable Scottish fold kitty, slow down so she can play.”