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‘What The Fluff Challenge’ • Funny Cat reaction 🙀 (3)

“WHAAAT? Where’d you go? Who’s going to feed me?!” 🙀 “I think the cat was scratching the wall did he think he went in the wall…Poor innocent Kitty.” “Cute Kitty. He tried his hardest to find his beloved human.” 💕 [Video @jordera22]

Adorable two faced kitten chilling on her back and yaaaawning 💗

She has an even split of blue and white fur on her adorable fluff face 😻 “That awkward moment when you're so tired from taking a nap that you feel like to have to take another nap to get over your nap.” 😅

When your manicurist is on vacation and you’re trying to make nails yourself 🐾

“Cute ‘Ariel’. Her paw really looks like a flower!” 💮 “That’s some intense toe licking” “My cat bytes her toe nails so noisy when she does it as well I have to leave the room.” “It almost looks like a fake leg.” “Their paws look like chicken’s when they do it.” “My Russian Blue cat does this, too. Makes my job easier, I don’t have to trim the back nails, hehe.” “Her coat is very plush and thick and shiny. ‘Ariel’ is absolutely gorgeous.” [Video @ariel.caracat]

Curious kitten scared of a skull 💀 in the fish thank

“ HALP! It's trap, there is a monster instead of fish in the aquarium!”