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'No-No-No-No Cat' says: “NOOOO! Don’t touch me!” 😼

“Leave me alone Human and feed me, I'm hungry!” “Kitchen cat: “Getting really tired of your shitty games, don’t mess with me.”

Incredible! So many blue and white kitties • Crazy cat girl: Level 100 😱

“This newest range. Kitten immersion therapy.” “Me me in 10 years, hahaha!” 😍 “I could see me loving on all those fluffy kittens.” “Cutest cat-astrophe ever.” “Cat haters gonna hate!!!!” 😂 [Video @mengmaojie]

Guilty cat caught in the act! “Uh… Mom, you’re home early!” 🙀

“He’s like: “I know there’s catnip in here some where…” “Me taking money for more nuggets.” 👧 “WHAT? Your handbag is my handbag! OK?” “What? I want to see if shopping list involves tuna fish or chicken or shrimps?” “His eyes… it’s like 'The f*ck you want?! Trying to steal some sh*t”

Playful kitten: “Wait Mom, I’m gonna catch your hand.”

“Well, almost my poor kitty, I think my hand is faster than your cute lil paws, hehe.” [Video @haru_thecat]