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‘What The Fluff Challenge’ • Funny Cat reaction 🙀 (7)

“Epic FAIL! When your stubborn cat broke your WTFluff Challenge” 😋 “Right, left, right, left…Sh*t, no way!” “Ha Ha, It's a new challenge >> You shall not pass!” 😄  [Video: Moon Pi Kids @YouTube]

Let’s check out a very weird cat nap 😸 + 😺

“Cats simply love relaxing head massage.” 🐾 “Funny cats invent a new version of Yoga-Nap.” 👍 “Hmmm... cats can be such mysterious creatures.” [Video @midorinotanbo]

Scared kitty sees his human NAKED for the very first time, haha 😂

“Retreat! Retreat! What has been seen cannot be unseen!” 👀 “Look what you've done to me, human.” “I see what you did there, shame on you Mom!”

SPARE! Funny kitten playing a bowling game in a...kitty way 😺

If you don’t succeed at first time, try gain, hehe  👍 [Video: Bridget Fitzgerald