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Funny cat: “Draw me like one of your French girls...”

“WHAT? Just chilling and holding up my head...” 😺 “Me at work right now…” “Naping like a (lazy) Boss.” 👌 “Ahhh CATurday…” “Nice comfy pose to take a nap on CATurday.” “That’s my fat husband every afternoon after lunch, haha.” 👧 “Me in my room when my parents think I’m (supposed to be) studying, LOL.” 😂

Furrious (mad?) cat destroying methodically his styrofoam box! 🙀

“So funny, but WHYYYY!??” “Cuz go away, that’s why!” “Because he's terribly hungry!” 😼 “Simple, it’s just satisfying to him.” “Because f*ck you and f*ck your styrofoam boxes!” 😹 “Probably bored. Needs more playtime?” “Omg, I had a cat that did the exact same thing but she loved ripping up all cardboard boxes!”

Weirdest kitten ever. Don't try to understand... 👀

“Cats are liquid, he’s just flattening out on the surface!” “That chair is made out of quicksand .” 😱 “New game: going down and up.” “That looks so comfy!” “Purranormal cativity!” 😺 “Or attack mode, that is not comfort that is hunt mode. Cats are cute killing machines!” “Cats are so mysterious...” “Donut pillow.” “Me when teacher wants a volunteer about a math question.” “Poor kitty, I think he sees Zombies or Ghosts in the room!”

‘Yves’ the cat looks so happy with his new smile 😸

“Oh ‘Yves’, you’re so cute and funny. What a great sense of humour you have. Thank you for the smile.” “‘Yves the cat’…for President!” “Purrfect ‘Trompe-l'œil’ smile.” [Video @yves_the_cat

OMG! Vegan kitten licking a small indoor cactus! 🙀

Do you know that cats’ tongues are covered with tiny barbs, called 'papillae', made of pink STEEL !!!  👀