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“WHAT? I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy…” 😸

“I love the way the cat is just staring and chilling.” “THAT TUMMY!” 💛 “You waiting for me to get home.”  💞 “' Monorail cat ' is resting...” “Hmmm...Dat hangy belly! I think that chubby cat should lose some weight.” 😁

Funny Meercat enjoying a delicious ice cream. Mlem Mlem Mlem 😻

“'Lil lil' loves eating ice cream and she will do anything to get to her favorite treat!” “At first...Meerkats, then...Meercats, and now...Meerkittens!” 😋 [Video: Hayley Cohen @YouTube]

Cute kitten with a pink squishy face wants to be free

“My heart’s been stolen.” ❤️ “I want to kiss its pink nose.” 💋 “When I want to kiss you, but I can't because you're too far.” “Not sure what this cute kitty is trying to accomplish but I hope it succeeds.” [Video @cat__player]

Very very very angry - fractalized - cat screams: “GTFO!”

GET THE F*CK OUT! 😾 (rude slang, an angry imperative for hooman to leave kitty alone!)