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So cute kid and her lovely kitty. “God bless you allways 💕 both.”

“This is so sweet! Kitty loves her”💞 “Oh my gosh, the sweetest thing.” “That’s pretty darn cute!” 💖+💛 [Video: ErinMerryn]

Thirsty kitten sleeping with his mouth in... a jar full of water! 💦

“Our kitten fell asleep while drinking out of a jar and this is what happened when we tried to wake him up.” 😱 “Waterproof kitten!” 💧 💧 💧 “Kittens are LiQUiD , that's why.” [Video: Remmi Kat @YouTube]

Epic defense strategy! Kitten attacked by human hand...

... 'offers his little butt' to the enemy. 😂 “Hilarious and innocent kitty!” “Breaking the fight rules!” 😸 [Video: Chrissiedm3]

Stealing pillows qualifies as important cat business 😂

“Here’s what happens when you’re a tiny kitty, but you also want to steal nice things for your bedroom. 'Jane' the Sphynx is doing her best to collect the most unreachable pillow. Her persistence is just adorable!” “C'mon! C'mon! Never give up!”