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“OK…OK hooman, I will start my diet TOMORROW, I swear.”

“What are you doing hooman?“ ❓ “Cat is getting relaxed on massaging : “Yeah, I’m not fat, just super relaxed…” “What a jiggly little muffin.” “Tail with a funny pom pom.” “Me after eating & drinking badly all weekend with my flat belly” 😂 “Whatcha doin’ hooman? Are you fuck*ng kidding me again?” 😼 “Don't laugh at me, I'm NOT fat, I'm 💦 liquid!” 😸

Happy kitten bouncing for joy as his human returns 😸

“This adorable kitten has shown that KiTTiES can be just as enthusiastic and affectionate 💕 as døgs.” “And sometimes even... MORE+”  💖  😻 💗 😻 💘 😻 💓 [Video: via Mail online]

Funny standing cat trying to get attention from her humans 😊

“Hooman come here!” (I love it when they paw at something) “Look at this cat trying to whip and outdance” “Aww such a cutie!” 😻 [Video @kote218]

Cute sleepy kitten hugging Mama's tail 😸

“I love you my black tail, you're so sweet and warm.” 💕 [Video: Karen Bills]