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MeerCat totally mesmerized by a weird effervescent ball in the bathub! 👀

“Mom, are you mad, why are you bathing in acid?” 🙀 “Those funny Charlie Chaplin feet.” 👍 “Haha the way this poor cat stand crazy!” 😂 “I ain't gonna take a bath with you Mom, no no no thanks!” “That is what we call a fearful meercat.” [Video: Hilarious cat vira@YouTube] 

Cute kitty asks for a little kiss 💋 from Mom before taking her nap 💕

“Laura: Adorable. My kitten likes to do the same with me but he licks the top of my forehead and then goes to sleep for the night.” [Video: MissMaegi @YouTube] “Nothing better than sweet kitten kisses!” 💋

When suddenly a vicious brain freeze attacks your poor cat!

“Hmmm... It’s deliciooooooous!” “Well, cat.exe has stopped working! Now, your cat is broken!” “When you try natural yogurt for the first time.”

Epic Fail! Clumsy kitten chasing the red dot 😂

“‘Skwisgaar’ gets a little overzealous going after her laser toy. ‘Toki’ watches: whatcha doing bro?” “OK dude, see ya later!” 😹 “Gravity:1 Kitty:0” 😋 [Video: lolonym @YouTube]