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Hang in there, clumsy kitty, the floor is lava! 😂

“He got himself up there, he can't get himself back down. And we can piss ourselves laughing while he does it.”😈 “Cannot stop laughing! Cat: "don't mind me, just hanging around".” 😂 “Because panicked cats are blenders.” “HAAALP hooman, I have a huge mistake!” 😿

Elegant kitten sitting like humans, with crossed legs

“Our kitty is so proper, she cracks me up! He just stuck his legs out and crossed them like us.” “Good girl, she purrfectly knows how a girl should sit at public places .” 👩 [Video: Danielle (LePooke) @YouTube]

‘Nala’ found a new, comfy and funny way to rest! 👌

“When cats lie on their backs like this it means they are comfortable around you and trust you!” “Yoga routine.” 😺 “Funny and cute hind legs.” “Chilling out on Sunday afternoon, and you suddenly realize you had to do your daily leg workout.” [Video @nala_cat]

Adorable Persian kitten crazy for her CATNiP filled banana 🍌

“These catnip bananas are the best catnip toys I have ever bought. My cat still loves hers even after two years of use great quality I would highly highly recommend them.” [Video: Mythicbells @YouTube]