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Clever and brave jumping cat • 3... 2...1... GoOoOo!

Yes, the only way to pass through a door curtain of course! 😸 “Me, going into Monday like...” 😋 “Omg I just laughed out loud so much.” “Haha, my cat uses mosquito nets in the same way!” 😂 “The grace with which it jumps! The elegance.” 

Funny kitten chewing bottle nipple instead of suckling from it 👀

Hey baby, sucking is better than chewing, did you forget how to kitten?  “Nope, just breaking the rules!” 😸 [Video: SICSA Pet Adoption Center] 

Cute fluff bomb, so playful and funny kitty! 😍

“I l ♥ ve the funny BLACK SPLODGE on his nose.” “Oh my…what an incredibly lovely & playful ‘Albert’!” 💓 “Playing with a invisible monster hidden under sheets.” “Munchkin cattitude: short legs but super fast legs.” 👍 [Video @albertbabycat]