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“Have fun human but for 'this' I will murder you in your sleep tonight!" 😼

HaHa, that is how I imagine the typical McDonald's customer treats his chubby cat! 😂 “Funny 2 in 1: mask + hat!” 😋

When you don’t pay attention to your cute (and hungry?) kitty 😿

“Meooow, I need good treats, I'm so hungry!” “Meooow, I need cuddles, where is my beloved Mom?” [Video: kakito275 @YouTube]

“Dude, what the hell is that weird black cat?” • “It’s a vamPURR!” 🙀

Cat: “Here we go, give me that tiramisu, right now! Mrrr, mrrrr, meeeow!” 😼 “What sort of demon vampire is that? Because I want one!” “I don’t know if I like the vampire black/wich cat that will scared me in night jumped in my bed.” “Oh that poor cat. I bet it’s hard to eat with those huge teeth in the way.” [Video @mingusthepanther]