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Amazing cat and budgies napping together in purrfect harmony 💕

When Maternal instinct is stronger than predatory instinct! 😻 🐦 “Yep, f*ck predatory instinct! Peace and love welcome!” “Nap time better than war time.” [Video: via ViralHog]

“Please hoomans, don’t disturb me, It’s nap time” 💤 💤 💤

“The hard life of a feral cat.” “Hmm....That’s not a safe place to take a nap in the street, poor innocent kitty.”  🙀

Funny flapping ears. Kitten drinking milk bottle on its own

“Baby elephant ears like. That milk must be really good to drink.” 👍 “Like a Bos s human baby ” [Video: Chun Chun Channel @YouTube]