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Get 2 cats they said, it will be fun they said... 😂

“Mode ‘INTIMIDATION’ activated!” “I hate you, stupid guy, don't touch me!" 😼 “Sooner or later, gonna kill you, dumb cat!” 😾 “It's Peace and love 💕 (well, almost hahaha !)”  “Funny TAIL ballet on the table!” 😁 [Video: alyssia6 @Tik Tok]

Affectionate kitty needs some love 💕

You're right kitty. Love 💛 is everything! Never give up, try again and again...

Funny cat watching out the plane window during takeoff from L.A. 😸

“How did you get ‘Pudge’ to behave so well while you travel together? Just amazing.” “‘Pudge’ travels by plane like a Boss, like a ⭐ Star ⭐” [Video @pudgethecat]