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Funny cat discovering and sniffing his huge tail! 👀

“Like: ' my tail has a very strange odor.'” “I don't think this funny cat knows who's tail it belongs to. Good thing, it's only a tail! It's in the way of the cat's vision.” “He took 'Viagra' for cats and suddenly his tail...” 😹 [Video @_mei_coo_]

Hungry cat begging hard for more treats...

Please Please Please hooman, I'm a good boy and I'm so hungry.” 😿 “Beautiful Maine coon cat!” 💛 [Video @midmodmainecoons]

Funny cat warming up its toe beans on a cold night

“Clever kitty: what a good heater.” 🔥

Playful Ninja Kitten. Jump... Jump... and...

...GOTCHA! 😸 “Funny kitty when he jumps repetitively in order to catch the rope!” [Video: Siesja Kamphuis]