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Crazy cat thinks that the TP on roller is a speed bag for his boxing practice!

“Little monster, I fear for his future opponents.” 👀 “Die toilet roll, you must die!” 😼 “Still holding on to the toilet paper in his mouth just to feel more confident haha!” 😂 “Yes, the fact that he's got some toilet paper in his mouth while destroying that poor TP makes it even funnier.” 👧

Cool ginger cat chilling and slowly kneading the air: 1-2 1-2 1-2 😸

“Mittens stretching out.” “Cat version of twiddling your thumbs, hehe.” “SUP Bro?” “Slowly playing drums?” 😋

Suddenly, a sneak kitten attack but...

... this brave kitty, standing up, is ready to fight brother! 👍 “C'mon, fight me if you're a man CAT!” 😹 [Video @love2foster]