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Agile and affectionate kitten climbs ladder faster than human! 👏

“Wait for it kitty! I have a lil new girlfriend!” 💕 “Woah! She's so tiny, fast, agile and adorable.” “Pet me human and ADOPT ME, I'm a good girl.” “Follow the leader, even on the roof.” 👍 [Video: codyvflex @Tik Tok ]

Crazy Parkour cat pouncing back and forth betweeen buildings 👀

“Because I need to live dangerously!” 😸

“Please wait, MONORAiL CAT is not ready to leave the station...”

“Hmmm, I’m stuck on couch!” “Depressed monorail cat is depressed.” “That’s me during a fuck*ng cold winter.” “Why does it look like us when we’re bored?” [video @utamaruru] This MONORAiL cat is ready to leave the station 👍