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When you change your mind at the last second! 💨

“WTF? What’re doing Kitty? Innocent bird did not understand what happened.”🐦 “Just a playful Cat. Peace and ♥ Love” “When you suddenly remember that you are…VEGAN!” 😁

♫ ♪ 3 amazing DJ kittens scratching away on decks ♪ ♫

“They may only be kittens, but these little guys know how to SCRATCH! The one on the left is so funny and the one in the middle is really doing it!” 👍 [Video: larsen161 @YouTube]

“Play with me! Play with me, lazy ferret!”

“‘Puku’ only wants to stay sleeping! Poor ‘Momo’, no play time with him now.” “Boop! Boop! Boop! ► FAIL! ► OK my friend, good nap.” “Triple zero f*cks given haha.” [video @rody.tino.tomoko]