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When your big sibling 🐰 is affectionate but annoying to hell 😂

“Funny and cute interspecies friendship.” 👌 “Smart bunny, using the cat as SUN umbrella.” ☼ “What are you doing, step-bunny?” “Please Leave me alone big bunny I'm not your mother!” “Live me alone, I told you I'm married!” 😼

“I didn’t know blue cats came from yellow bananas!”

“My mom sent me this this morning and I immediately can home to snuggle.” “It’s a cat snuggling bananas in a giant banana.” “Hide and seek with vegan cat.” “Aww cute banana cat sleeping in his banana bed and dreaming of banana heaven!” [Video @youngestoldcatlady]

“Sorry humans, I must go, my people needs me...”

“Sorry humans I must go, my planet needs me, see you later.” “A Little Privacy please.” “Good afertnoonn see ya later...”

Cute kitten sleeping in a flower pot (funny pillow)

“WHAT? I sleep where and how I want, because I’m a cat, OK?” [Video: Amaal @YouTube]