Two hungry kittens climbing human Mom's legs and back! 🐾🐾

Funny kitten GIF • Two hungry kittens climbing human Mom's legs and... back! []
OMG, those kitties probably have tiny razor needles! 😮
“It depends on the thickness of the clothing and the size of the kittens.” “These ones are still small, so good leggings...Well, no flinching.”
“If you have kitties, you sort of get used to them using you like a tree from time to time.”
“It’s free acupuncture! ”
“Do you mean catpuncture?” 😂
“The second one: FAIL >> Never give up >> WIN!” 😺
“If kitty wants to climb on you, so it will be. Any of your pain is of secondary importance when you're a real cat lover.”
“All cute, fun and games until you're walking around the house naked and the cats still think they can climb up your legs, haha!” 😁
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