Cold Winter! “What cold winter, are you serious, hoomans?” 😸

Funny Cat GIF • Lazy cat chilling near the fire place. He's Livin' the best life []
Cat Livin' the best life: belly rubs please.
“Where we wana be during winter."
“Chillin' by the fire, cool and warm.”
“That cat is in heaven.” ☁
“That is what I call 'chilled'.”
“That is one happy and clever cat: super relaxed but still wagging its tail.”
“When I come home from work...”
“Aww, I just want to scratch its (warm) belly.”
“Just living his absolute best.” πŸ‘
"Yes can we spend the entire winter together in this exact spot plz.”
“We need a fireplace in our room for our beloved kitties.” 😻
[Video @styeldynstep]
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