Young BLACK cat discovering fresh WHiTE snow for the first time!

Funny Cat GIF • Weeeee! Young black cat discovering fresh snow for the first time, he looks so happy []
Weeeee! He looks so happy šŸ˜†
“Cats and kittens are so intrigued by winter and snow, they don't know what is it or why is it so soft, and them discovering snow for the first time is just too funny and cute!” šŸ’“šŸ˜
“When it was snowy, one of my cats snuck outside. Of course, I spotted her, but then I saw that she was about to step in snow. Curious, I watched her. She sniffed it. Her nose touched the snow, and her fur fluffed up. She jumped and ran back inside. It was so funny!”všŸ˜„
“My cat Lulu is meant for the snow... of course, she does what any normal cat does and SLEEPS IN IT! She also has an addiction to eating snow and ice. Mainly snow, though. I hope the next time it snows I can catch my cat sleeping in negative weather while eating snow on camera.”
[Video: via MrFunnyMals]
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