So sweet and cuddly cat: “l love πŸ’• you MY human”

Cute Cat GIF • Sweet and cuddly cat loves, hugs and cuddles with his human []
“This cat is so cute! She/He loves you and trusts you aweew.”
“Such a sweet snuggy kitty!”πŸˆπŸ’•
“I have one that does that too it’s wonderful.”
“My cat does the same!” ❤️
“And they said cats are not affectionate, hahaha silly people
“I can’t stop watching this GIF”” πŸ’–
“I love to be cuddled by my cat.”
“That is purr love. I need a cuddle/hug like this by my cat.”
“So sweet: trust and love!” πŸ’™πŸ’›
“Aww, what a lover.”
“I love it who can make you feel more important than a cat especially when they jump up into your lap and cuddle up.” πŸ‘§πŸˆ
[Video @妍妍]
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