Must see! Purr beauty, MA-JES-TIC cat walking in snow! 💖 Absolutely gorgeous fur pattern (2 GIFs)

Amazing Cat GIF • Purr beauty, MA-JES-TIC kitty catwalking in snow! Beautiful 3 colors and white mustache! []
Amazing Cat GIF • Gorgeous cat slowly catwalking in snow (slow motion)
“Three colors usually means a female. Males with 3 colors are very rare. So SHE he is a pretty cat.”💕
“Hehe, she has a white mustache! I though, this cat is beautiful and who ever owns them are extremely fortunate $$$  to find such an exotic cat.”
“A female with a mustache? Haha, she breaks the rules!” 💢
“Purrfect Winter catwalk.”
“My goodness! This is the most stunning cat I've ever seen and I worked for vets all my life. Seen MANY cats. The coloring! The eyes! MAGICAL!” 💞
“Just a cat, but she walks like a leopard.”
“Unique Beautiful Cat! The moustache and the markings are so smooth, and beautiful eyes.” 💛💜
“What a strikingly beautiful cat! Gorgeous eyes, ear tufts , and a little white mustache to top it off!”
“OK, now I can see why cats invented the famous 'catwalk'!” 😉
“Glorious and majestic cat.” 😮
“This might be the most beautiful cat in the world. Definitely a top contender.” 👀
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