“OMG Carl, you bit my ear! How dare you do that?” 🙀

Hilarious Cat GIF • Cat bites another cat's ear. The blue cat looks so goofy, hahaha [ok-cats.com]”
Mode flabbergasted activated, LEVEL: 100 💢
“Hooman, why do you allow this!? It's a case of animal cruelty!” 😿
“The blue cat looks so goofy.” 😋
“One of the funniest cat reaction I have ever seen: crossed eyes + blep tongue, hahaha!” 😅
“There's something...up with that poor cat.”
“Excuse me Sir, I think your cat is broken, LOL!” 😀
“Yes, cat.exe has stopped working. You must restart your blue cat! 🔁
[Video @zuzieey7719]
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