Funny and sexy oriental cat doing the belly dance! 😸

Funny Cat GIF • Sexy oriental cat doing the belly dance! Twist your CHUBBY belly. Shake Shake Shake []
This cat is a natural star. She deserves a🏆”
“So funny, she look great especially the shake shake shake.” 👍
“Best dancer I’ve seen in a while.”
“Funny bra! Twist your CHUBBY belly, kitty.”  💜
“This private dancer is very sexy ”😻 😂
“Pet are too patient with us.” 😻 💕 😘
“Yes, that kitty is one of the most patient and enduring cat I have ever seen or it's just that lazy and really doesn't care what it's owners is doing with her.” 😆
“Her face is the best part! I can’t stop 😂”
“How do you keep that kitty so chill? My cats might remove my face if I tried that!” 😳
[Video @alicecatforest]
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