Cute kitten purrfectly playing with his new tablet game and he wins!

Funny Kitten GIF • Cute kitty purrfectly playing with his new tablet game: Peppy cat []
Besides being an accomplished gamer, kitty is quite the fashionista. 💜
Smart cat as well as beautiful!! have a good day sweetie, enjoy your game.” 👍
“It is 'Peppy cat' game! A funny game, that won't let your cat get bored. 15 unique toys, each one with neat animation and individual behavior will bring pleasant experience to your beloved pet. Your cat will be able to hunt for bunny, mice, sparrow, colibri and other amusing animals.”
“I love it and this kitty is focused while staying fashionable and quite gorgeous.” 🐈
“The cat's reaction when they see the sparkles is priceless! You explode, I won!”
“OMG, that is so funny, and what smart and agile cat!” 💕
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