Funny fat cat: “Even if I don't fits in it, I sits in it!” 😹

Funny Cat GIF • Big fat cat tries to sleep in a box. Even if I don't fits in it, I sits in it []
See, I do fit! Mission impossible: accomplished. 😸
“If it don't fits, I still sits.”
“If it doesn't fit, it makes it fit.”
“What a adorable fat ass!” πŸ’›
“OK! Proof that cats are really pan-dimensional being.”
“Never give up!  Prime example of determination.”
“You DARE laugh at me mortal?.”
“Do cats even have bones?!”
“Nope, cats are 95% water + 4% fur + 1% whiskers, haha.” πŸ˜‚
“I like how agitated (judging by its tail) he is after that huge effort.”
“Yes the struggle was real.”
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