In supermeowrkets a divider cat is always cuter 💕 than a divider stick, in every way! 😻

Amazing Cat GIF • In supermeowrkets a divider cat is cuter than a divider stick in every way! []

“That's a purrrrring separator stick.” 💓
“Poor cat, having to work as a grocery separator stick... this inflation is insane!” 😆
“Meanwhile... an ordinary day in Istanbul! My favourite part when I was in Turkey was the CATS! It's like a open air cat café!” 💖💙💛💜💚
“Cats are such a gift, they can make a house a home and their unconditional love makes life worthwhile, everywhere.” 💟🐈
“That's a cat scan obviously.”
“Omg, so freaking cute, so patient and helpful kitty!” 👍💓
“Someone's gotta judge your poor food choices.” 😼
“Beep Beep Beep Beep MEOW Beep Beep Beep... ”
“Yes, all super meowrkets should have this for cat lovers.” 💞

Art Cat GIF • Infinite loop • Amazing and funny Cats doing their shopping in a supermarket for Cats
Meanwhile... others cats are doing their shopping in a supermeowrket for cats. 👀
They are evolving!!!

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