Majestic Main Coon walking in deep slow in the extreme cold 🧊

Amazing Cat GIF • Majestic Main Coon walking in deep snow by -20°C (-4°F) []
“My hands are freezing to take off but 'Hermes' is walking in snow! Not at -20°C
(-4°F) of course, here I pass, but at -14°C (6.8°F) we definitely go out.” 👦
“My cat comes out for a maximum of 5 minutes and runs back home, haha.” 👧
“What a gorgeous cat. How can you learn to walk in the snow?” 👀
“How beautiful the look in the snow. I love everything in him endlessly!”
“The coat is just awesome. Especially in the snow, it looks super!” 👍
[Video @zevs_jrhermes]
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