Milk bar is open for 7 tiny hungry kittens. Well, only for 6 babies, so Mama cat is worried 😾

Cute Kitten GIF • Milk bar is open for 7 tiny kittens but a little one fell off the nipple! []
“Momma is wondering what happened to her little one that fell off the nipple! Very concerned. Love this! All so cute.” 🥰
“Th purrfect definition of MATERNAL INSTINCT” 😻
“So adorable the kitties are. 💗 Especially cute is the tiniest one falls off the mother and try's to climb back on his/her mother while she's keeping an eye on him/her.” 👀
“The cat owner is just showing us that how great the mother is, how restless 💕 loving and caring she is.”
“Mummy's concerned about one baby kitty. So sweet!” 🐱 💓
“Don't worry, Mama cat has 8 nipples, so that's enough for all those 7 kittens.”
“Yes 8 pink nipples, enough for all of them. The human mother  could easily help the kitten, it's OK.”  👱
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