Momma's got a 'Mini Me' 💕 Cute Tuxedo copycat 😻😻

Cute Cat GIF • Mama tuxedo cat got a mini me. Absolutely adorable, amazing and precious copycat []
“Wow, you're absolutely adorable, amazing and precious, what a fabulous Mummy and her kitten.”
“oh my gawwwwd what a sweet little peanut Momma has.”  
“Mum and baby are so cute. Adorable way they are, all comfy.”
“Such a cute couple Mom and kitten.”
“How sweet, Just like Momma.”  😻
“Ohhh! That precious little pair, Mommy taking care of her little baby, and the little one just so content and peaceful!”
“Such a charming Tuxedo Mom with her cute baby. Kiss 💋 them to pieces for their precious love.” 😍
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