Cute and funny black Kitten discovering that he has 2 feet!!! 👀

Funny Kitten GIF • Cute black kitty discovering that he has 2 feet with toes beans! []
“I... have... TWO of them?! Where have these been hiding?”🙀
“Mlep Mle Ml... wait... what heck are these weird things?”
“I love when he takes a moment to compose himself, before double-checking that his feet are really there.” 😊
“Awww yeah... I got some footsies!”
“I can't stop smiling at this little guy. He is doing this just like a baby does when they notice their feet for the first time! I love this.”
“That moment he seems to think 'Damn, I got big feet!” 😺
“What? I… have… TOE BEANS!?” 🐾
“He's so overwhelmed with this situation. His expression is priceless!”
“Too freaking adorable, I love black cats.” ♥ ♥
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