When your pretty cat wants to use your makeup set! 👧

Funny Cat GIF • When your pretty cat wants to use your make upset [ok-cats.com]
“Yes, she wants to do makeup like her Mom.” 😻
“She can pick your makeup out for you.” 👩
“I say this to my cat all the time. "CAN YOU NOT?!" 😂
“THIS. It totally made my day! Laughed until I cried!” “
“Hahaha, let the cat do a full face!” 😂
“My cats get into my beauty sponges.” 😕
“My cat love playing with makeup too hehe .”
“I go through this with my cat on a regular basis.” 🤣
[Video @nino.the.cat.]

Art Cat GIF • Kiss me darling. Funny white cat with ugly makeup mainly lips, haha
"Do you like ♥  my new makeup?" 🤣
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