Amazing, cool an cute 'Angel Bengal' in the train to (snowy) Finland

Amazing Cat GIF • Cool  Bengal cat dressed up like woman in the train to Finland []
“Angel, you look much prettier in real life than in photos on social Medias! You’re... perfect!” 👌💓 said the girl next to my seat on the train to Finland. She interrupted my thoughts. And I blushed.” 😚

“I was dying to know what she meant but I was too afraid to hear something like “Well, you’re prettier in your photos.” Maybe it was window seat in the moving train or pretty models in Glamour magazine in my paws but it made me start thinking.”

“Angel you’re very self aware for just a little kity. It’s nice to know you’re not just a pretty face and cute closet full of clothes, but that you’re really cute and smart as well in real life.” 😻
“She is so patient, zen, pretty and so very photogenic! Looks like you love to travel my dear!”💓
“Angel you're the prettiest and sweetest girl in the World.” 💕
“Sheer perfection flaws and all you lovely girl.” 😻
“Angel is a pretty Bengal ca. Your posts are purrfect short/long, no matters. I wait everyday new photo or video on your social medias. Long life, best wishes. Hugs & kisses.” 🤗 💋
[Video @angelbengal]
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