Exhilaratly collapsing wall and 'Marudozer'! 🎳 🐈

Funny Cat GIF • Exhilaratly collapsing wall and 'Marudozer'! he knocks down the walls with grace and elegance [ok-cats.com]
“Haha what a funny bulldozer is Maru.” 😸 ❤️
“MaruDozer indeed! Yet he knocks down the walls with grace and elegance, like a proper cat.”
“Maru meets every challenge with aplomb. WHAT?” 👍
“Purrfect STRIKE!” 🎳 👏
“The wall that gradually narrows and collapses Maru.”
“To make a mess, Maru is simply the best!” 😸 🏆
“That looks so satisfying 🤣 No hesitation at all from Marudozer. Poor 'Mugumogu', all that hard work gone in a few seconds!.” 😂
“The upper view was very satisfying. Everything falling and Maru? ”Satisfying!” 😸
[Video: mugumogu@YouTube]
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