“Let me help you thirsty hooman: I give you fresh water.”

Clever cat GIF • Bartender cat, a new cat job! Let me help you, I give you fresh water [ok-cats.com]
Bartender cat in action: they're evolving, that's a new cat job! πŸ‘
“What a lil smarty cat.” πŸ’—
“Wow! It actually appears to look at the amount being poured and recognize when to stop.” πŸ’ž
“There's something wonderful about having a little sweet creature living with you.” 😍
“That’s nice and all, but what if kitty likes to play with the tap when you’re not home, hahaha!?” 😁
“Yep, that's a smart cat, but I fully expect to wake up to a puddle tomorrow.” πŸ’¦
“Purrfect execution.That is one beautiful fluffy cat.”
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