“I tried the treat challenge with my sleeping cat and...” 👀

Hilarious Cat GIF • Cat dreams of treats and suddenly the dream comes true! Om Nom Nom [ok-cats.com]
“I had the most amazing dream! I was enjoying a nice...Oh my god, my dream came true!” 😺
“Yep, dreams DO come true!” 👍
“Oh wow it looks like he started dreaming of food and then, wildly eating it, hahaha!”
“That tongue flopping about is pure gold.” 👅
“Sleep… sleep good… treat… yum yum yum… sleeeeep…TREAT!!! Snarf snarf!”
“I think it was a nightmare. You can smell the treat, but you couldn't find it, taste it or eat it. Good thing nightmare gone and there is a delicious treat in front of me.”
“Mine would hear the bag crinkle and go from sleep to... supersonic.” 😅
“My hand on the door to the container that has the treats get the cat to supersonic, too.”
[Video: kotlin_subroutine @Reddit]
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