Helpful white cat wanted to check the stability of a table, but...

Funny Cat GIF • Helpful cat wanted to check the stability of a table, but he knocked over the table and the dinner of his owner! []
Cat: 1 Table: 0 Dinner 0. Game over! 😰
Cat: “Hmm, my CATculations indicated that this table is not steady.”😼
Cat:  “Yep, just as I thought, you need as better table because this one is unstable. Sorry Mom, it's a shitty table!” 👎
“The cat looks more disappointed than the woman.”🙀
“He was probably running to get the fish to the right…”
“Nope, the food was poisoned. Cat was saving their life.”
“She is lucky, her tablet isn’t bathed by the soup, haha!”
“But why are you eating a full meal in the bedroom and watching shows on the floor next to your cats bed and by the corner of your own bed. “Eating in a hallway? That’s where people and animals walk.”
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