Mama cat loves 💕 her friend 'Dik-Dik', the little antelope, and licks him with tenderness 💛

Cute Cat GIF • Mama cat loves her little antelope and licks him with tenderness  []
“Omg, they are both beautiful. Lovely cat, she's taking care, cleaning the little antelope as tho he's her own. He's enjoying it,  it's lovely to watch, Animals are so loving...” 💗
“This is the sweetest how kitty 🐱 is caring for the antelope 🦌 and she is really loving. Heartwarming. Lovely to watch.” 💛💝
“The other breed of animal enjoys to be licked. They know that is expression of love.Amazing interspecies love”
“How can anyone not love animals.That’s the sweetest thing.” ❣️
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